"Dreaming is the inner language
of the soul through which wisdom
is transmitted to our conscious minds."
-Arthur Bernard

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We spend ten days of every month in the sleep state, which is a third of our lives!

My dreams are really important to me because I feel like they offer a peek into part of my psyche that I'm not always able to see otherwise. I have been keeping a dream journal for the last couple years (I'm now on my 6th book), and I find it very interesting to read back through them every once in a while. Sometimes reading the dreams in retrospect makes me realize how they relate to my everyday life -- in terms of my relationships with people and how I'm coping with various issues. The more often I try to remember my dreams and write them down, the more vivid and detailed they are. I have had richly detailed and intriguing ones. Weird too. Check out my dream posted on Justin's page.

The consistency varies, but I try to post my dreams here on a regular basis (sometimes daily). While it can be difficult to summarize the dreams with only a few words, I have created a list of titles in the indexes below; the purpose is to give you a taste of each dream's topic(s). There is usually much more to the dreams than the titles on this page suggest, which you'll see if you check them out individually. I would love to hear what you think of them, so let me know if you have any thoughts or reactions that you want to share.

* * *

Just remember that the opinions expressed in my dreams are certainly NOT always representative of my actual real-life views.

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I did a net search and found some valuable dream sites that were kind of interesting. Email me if you have a page dealing with dreams in any way or know of any others.

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August 16, 1996

My sister Phoebe and I dragged our mattresses out onto the upper deck of my dad's house to sleep under the stars. It started out as a way to escape the stagnant hot air of our bedrooms during the heat wave. But now, even as the temperature has cooled down, we still spend nights out there because it's such a nice place to sleep. I love lying on my back watching shooting stars as I drift off, and it's wonderful to wake up to warm sunshine and a blue sky overhead.
Yesterday Phoebe told me that she had dreamt some rich, weird "alien dreams" the night before. I urged her to write them down, which she did. I asked her if I could post them here on my web page, and she was up to it. Now you too have the privilege of reading Phoebe's Dreams.

"It is in our idleness,
in our dreams,
that the submerged truth
sometimes comes to the top."
-Virginia Woolf

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