dreams: April 12, 1999

weird random moments

Marilyn gave me a card. She is an older woman with short, red hair. I'm looking at a card Mom gave me. It has a phrase in Italian on the front and lots of little details inside. There are many strings hanging from the ceiling. I'm putting a thick blue shampoo goop on my head, but my hair (now long, past my chin) stays dry.

Sarah Yahm and I are talking about the Feng Shui of the room. Lots of chairs are here, and they were set up by a famous person. Sarah tells me that it's in accordance with an early Buddhist journal.

I need a bowl. I go try to find Gloria (actually Maria Kirsch), who is the RA for this section of the dorm. She has a bowl I can use.

Then I'm in Sharples with Maureen Vernon. We're excited because they have yam pie, which looks delicious. I'm watching them prepare it, and I'm confused when I see them soak the pieces in liquidy green jello. I also want to get some eggs. Erica Turner is here.

I'm part of the audience of a game show. We're watching about four couples compete against each other for lots of money. Each team is sitting on a vat of chocolate (they look like the spaceship toy-rides for kids in front of supermarkets); one person in each team is hanging from the ceiling, and whoever dips their partner in the chocolate first is the winner. They're almost all naked. All the women are wearing butt plugs. One naked man is stretched out on his stomach, and a woman of the closest opposing team reaches over and puts a plug up his butt. I nod my head in agreement, seeing that her action is a statement that not just women should have to wear them, but also men. Gender shouldn't be an issue.

I'm going down Siskiyou Blvd., heading south out of town, when I see Ric Sayre standing in the front yard of a house on the corner of Tolman Creek Road. I stop to say hello, remembering that I had a dream with him in it the other night. John is with me, and he's dressed up as a policeman. Ric is running some social services program. A young teenage girl walks up to the house, and she asks for the results of her pregnancy test.

- FIN -

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