dreams: April 9, 1999

Phoebe is a "Dimo Baby"

Phoebe has discovered "Dimo" (Daimo?) and she totally loves it. She's a "Dimo Baby," and she's travelling the world to do it. John and I are thrilled. We were hoping this would happen.

my handful of crystals is only an illusion

I'm collecting quartz crystals from the ground. They're all over the place. I'm inside some building, and a big event just happened here, leaving the place a mess -- but I've found these amazing treasures scattered everywhere. No one appreciates the worth of the crystals but me. I think about how I'm going to create the most beautiful spiritual altar. The crystals are long and thin, and a few are amber-colored. On one place on the floor there are a bunch of tiny diamond-like jewels, which I start picking up; I also find a few green 3-pronged jewels, which I realize are actually plastic, so I don't pick them up. I'm so excited to have so many crystals. I've been putting everything I've collected in my jacket pocket. I want to see them all in my hand together, but then I can't find the ones I collected. (I half-realize that this is a dream, seeing that it'll probably be impossible to keep the crystals in my tangible grasp.)

Then I'm talking on the phone with Ric Sayre. John is with me. I realize it's on his tab, so I quickly say goodbye, since we have been talking for a long time.

- FIN -

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