dreams: Friday, January 5, 2001

I'm a stubborn customer

I'm walking through a trendy bar/cafe/restaurant with Phoebe. She knows lots of rich, stylish, young people sitting at the tables here. They greet Phoebe as we walk through.

We approach the bar counter. I'm very hungry. There is a spread of gourmet pizzas, sold by the slice. Phoebe chooses three pieces (one with a slab of ham, the other pepperoni, and the third is vegetarian); she pays and sits down at a nearby table. I'm feeling indecisive. I have trouble choosing what I want. Rip is here with us now too. I finally choose two slices of pizza that I want to get (one with ham/sausage, the other without meat). Young women are working behind the counter. I ask them to reheat my pizza, since it now feels cold. My request causes a stir. I feel stubborn, like I know what's best. The manager, a blonde girl, is reluctant to reheat them, telling me they're already warm. We politely argue, until finally she agrees to turn the oven back on. I realize I'll have to wait awhile, since the oven was off. Rip and Phoebe are already eating, sitting at the nearby table. I walk around and look through the cooler for a drink, but I can't find one I want.

Standing back at the counter, I feel a warm gust from the kitchen, which must be coming from the oven. It was surprisingly quick. The woman hands me my pizza wrapped up in a to-go container. I pay and sit down, opening my bag to find a fancy pen inside that has a bunch of different-colored settings that are all glittery. I'm pleasantly surprised to find the pen included with my pizza, wondering if it was an accident. The woman who works here then comes over to our table, telling me that they accidentally undercharged me. She shows me the tab, explaining the numbers, telling me I should have paid more. But she says it will be on the house -- I don't really have to pay. I know they aren't charging me because this is a nice, upscale restaurant.

Phoebe and I go on a trip together

I'm in Miles' house, looking through some of his CDs. It's a nice home, with a lush white carpet. The energy here feels light, clear, and rich. I can feel the presence of Mimi and Scott. Phoebe is here too.

Now we are with Toni Dileo, standing in her frontyard. It's summer. The weather is warm and sunny. Toni is wearing a swimsuit. Sprinklers are running.

Phoebe and I are going on a trip together. We are now getting ready for it. There is some issue about the vehicle -- we are going to borrow Noli's car. Phoebe's having trouble calling Noli. We have to give her an important message. I'm frustrated that we are not able to get ahold of her. Mom tells us that Noli's family has a 1-800 number, even though it costs $100 per month. I have a sealed envelope with something for Noli (from me) inside. I'm trying to figure out how to mail it to her, when I realize I'll get to see her in person.

We go to their house on our way out of town. When we get there, Noli is squatting down on her knees in the corner, next to a big set of shelves. She is turned away from me, holding something in her hands. I say her name, but she ignores me. I get frustrated. I have something very important to tell her, and we need to get on the road for our trip. "Noli! NOLI!" I say her names a couple more times, now yelling. She still refuses to look up at me. I'm mad. I'm holding a plastic egg-shaped object in my hands. I loudly smack it against the shelf to get her attention, almost shattering the thing.

Then I'm showing Noli some photos I brought. It shows my family with her family in Europe. They are sweet, nostalgic pictures of Mom, John, Phoebe, me, Charley, Kathie, Laurie, Noli, Tillie and others. We are all together. There are also several photos of Phoebe by herself, revealing the time she was living alone in Europe. She is very beautiful, totally dressed up. One photo shows her standing in a huge, glitzy outfit, like a Las Vegas showgirl. She is wearing a tall feather headress, a sequined top, fishnet stockings, and platform high heels.

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