dreams: Thursday, January 4, 2001

I'm a grown-up graduate

I'm driving through a college campus (University of Oregon?), looking for a particular class. I'm supposed to pick up a friend, doing them a favor. All I know is that the class is Chinese (or some version), but I don't know where it is.

I stop at a place in Lithia Park (still the campus though) to talk to a group of friends. They're all Swatties (Patrick Boe, Prachi Patankar, Sarah Kowalski, etc.), and none of them have graduated yet. I see some freshman walk by us: a couple, holding hands, wearing red & white AHS jackets. I'm surprised at how young they look, like kids. It makes me feel old. I talk to my friends. I decide I need to talk to Susan Lin (the Chinese Swattie) to find out where the class is located.

Mom drives the family

I'm with Mom, John and Phoebe (in Eugene?). We're figuring out how we are going to drive back to Ashland. Phoebe and I can drive back in Mom's car or in John's. We all end up going in the same car. Mom is driving, although it's John's vehicle. She decides she'll drive in just the first section, and then let us go. I wonder how she's going to get back to her own car, since she left it behind.

We are talking about singing a song (a hymn?). Mom gives us all sheets of the lyrics in her own words. There is a circular object that represents the song. It has many concentric circles within it to represent the lyrics. It is the size of a pizza, made out of something that is the color of french fries. We all sing.

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