dreams: Wednesday, January 3, 2001

a special type of chocolate ice cream

I'm about to get on the road on a trip with Mom or John. We've stopped at an ice cream parlor, and I'm trying to choose a flavor. I don't see any chocolate choices at first, which frustrates me. I comment on the lack of chocolate, and the service people point out some choices to me. The tall young man behind the counter says that one is related to Santo Daime; I ask for a sample of it. It has the consistency of a milkshake. I see that there are little, colorful, plastic beads hidden in this flavor. I swallowed several accidentally, and I wonder if it's okay to eat them. I decide to get this flavor, saving it as a present for someone (John?).

back in Ashland

I'm at John's house. It looks like how it was when I was growing up, years ago. It's different. Rachel and Austin Murphy and their kids are visiting.

Then I'm back in college. I'm taking three courses, all literature classes with heavy reading lists. I like the classes. I'm now biking across Ashland, looking for a particular restaurant that has really good salads. Noli and her family are involved.

the audience controls the show

I go to a special function. I'm in a big room of people, watching the stage down in the middle. Dancers start their performance. Jonathan Goldman is leading. They're doing a special movement that involves lots of balance; they are leaping and twisting. Lots of kids are here to watch, since it's a new trend. A person in the audience yells out that s/he now wants to eat dinner. Jon stops, canceling the show right then. "Fine, go get what you want," he tells the audience. I look across the room towards the front door, and I see Darlene Rollins walk in. I try to catch her attention, waving her over to me.

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