My House

June 8, 1977 I was born in a house in the railroad district of Ashland, Oregon. My sister and I grew up in that house, and my dad (John) still lives in it now. The place holds MANY memories for me. While many parts of the house are the exact same as they were 19 years ago, my dad has also made many wonderful new developments. I love this home, and sometime soon I hope to share my stories and memories of this incredible house and the surrounding neighborhood. I'll also bet that John will soon have his own page where he'll tell you a lot more about it! For now, here are some beautiful photos, all taken by mi papa:

One summer evening before the house was repainted (Phoebe is on the steps and John is walking across the front yard):

A back/side view from the alley. The red building you see on the left is in our backyard and was built by John. The bottom level is his wood-work shop, while upstairs is a gorgeous little apartment. The roof peak between the trees is our house.

A back view.

A front view after the new paint job of late 1995.

The front porch. Our beautiful door is handmade by John.

See the man responsible for this house:John Seligman

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