I love my family...

Me, Phoebe, John and Mom (all shown in the top right picture) squeezed ourselves into the tiny photo booth of the Medford "International" airport. My parents are now divorced but on friendly terms, living in the same town, and my sister is two years younger than me. I pray for them every night, and I feel very connected, even though we're now physically separated, on opposite sides of the country.

Here's Phoebe in the bathtub (in our earlier years, when we used to hop in the tub at the same time). See some more photos of my sis at the page devoted to Phoebe.

Mi Madre, Lynn, is very important to me.

Here's a photo of my dad, John. It's been great to get his help and feedback on computer-related projects. He and I may start a Web page business in the future. For more pictures of him, go to my padre page.

Here's my cousin, Alan, in Budapest.

Bigdaddy (my grandfather -- my dad's dad) and me as a toddler.
See another pic of Bigdaddy.

I also have a page devoted to my dear second family, the Hoye / Olsens.

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