dreams: November 2, 1999

the events of an attempted purchase

I'm in a used clothing store, and I find a pair of pants I really like. They are black velvet and in very good condition. I want to go try them on, so I walk through a bunch of rooms to go to the right place. They fit me perfectly. As I look at myself in a full-length mirror, I turn around to view myself from the back; I'm struck by how wide my butt and hips look. Am I really that big? I wonder to myself.

Andrew Breitenberg is the sales clerk in charge of selling the pants to me. I ask him how much they cost. He tells me $45, which sounds like way more than I want to pay. The pants are a well-known brand (like J.Crew or Banana Republic). I am ready to bargain, since these pants are used. I offer $20 (or $25?), knowing I'll have to start low. "Think of all the people who contributed to making those pants, and how much they had to be paid -- such as the workers in Arcadia," Andrew tells me. I now start to doubt whether it's really worth it for me to make this purchase. I already have another pair of black pants at home anyway.

- FIN -

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