dreams: June 20, 1999

testing my boundaries

Mom is moving to a new place. Phoebe and I are visiting her there. It's way off in an isolated place on the top of a mountain range (something to do with Montana?). They are serving D. here. I see an unusual group of people at this work; many young urban punks are drinking it, as well as drag queens, cross-dressers, etc. This doesn't surprise me, since it's now becoming the cultural trend to do D. I approach the table, very excited to drink the sacrament.

Then I'm at a table eating food, hungry to get more. There is a big piece of cooked chicken on the table; I see it's there as a token object, necessary to draw the ants away from the real food.

Then I see John Barton. We approach each other and hug. I feel strong sexual energy between us. Suddenly I've jumped up onto him, with my legs wrapped around his waist. I feel like it's all happening so quickly that I don't know exactly what is going on. We're now kissing. I stick my tongue in his mouth. A second later I have a slight regret, wondering if I'm being too forward. Then we stop hugging, separating from each other. He leaves. Someone nearby makes some comment, telling me something like, "you really know him well." I reply, "Nah, he's just a friend of my dad's." I repeat it a couple times.

- FIN -

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