dreams: June 21, 1999

perfect engagement?

I'm 27 years old. I'm engaged to a young man named Eric. He is tall, blonde, very good-looking and quite younger than me. He is a virgin. I'm now with his family. They're perfect. Their house is very modern and comfy and stylish. It seems like we're in a J.Crew catalogue.

smiling and smacking

I really want to come. I am having a sexual fantasy. I imagine myself having sex with a little boy in a hammock with another adult. Then I think I hear M. in the next bed, and it sounds like she's masturbating. It really turns me on to be listening without her knowing. Two words pop into my consciousness: smiling and smacking. [Then I wake up to hear rain outside, which was the sounds that I heard in the dream.]

- FIN -

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