dreams: August 13, 1999

God is all

Phoebe and I are standing face-to-face. She is crying with joy, and so am I. We have so much love for each other. We feel so connected, as if there has been a long period of separation and now we're back together. The subject of Mom comes up as an important issue too. Phoebe feels extreme spiritual Truth and joy. We are remembering how much we love each other.

I look around us; we're in a very famililar but different reality. I looks like Earth but is not quite the same as I know it. My eyes/mind see that everything is God. I feel joy and laughter bubble up in me as I recognize that we all know that ALL is God. We all look into each others' eyes and see that we are all ourselves. One woman is wearing a shimmery green shirt, and her hair is pulled back. Others are wearing unusual clothes too (though they seem totally normal in the moment).

Now Will Bagley is here with us. The three of us sit down together. Phoebe and I are facing each other, while Will sits behind me, facing my back, with his legs stretched out on both sides of me. We are all doing an exercise together. Phoebe and I are following Will as he leads it by channelling an energy movement. He is moving his hands, arms and torso in certain configurations as he surrenders to the spirit energy. At first I'm mesmerized, just watching and feeling. I see the shapes in front of me on the air between me and Phoebe (near the ground). They are symbols and patterns. I see a negative dash mark (-) on the left of one symbol, while a positive plus mark (+) is on the right side. I let go of my arms, and now they're moving in sync with Will. At first it's kind of hard to surrender. Then I just trust, and they start moving with it, totally guided by the energy.

Then I'm in Will's house. He's getting ready for his wedding. Everything is very laid back and relaxed. He and his fiance Jocelyn look like an older Asian couple; both are round, short and dark. Now they are both one, and s/he is sitting at a table in the living room preparing an essential ceremonial sash -- a woven white strip of shiny (plastic?) fabric with large, blue, sewn flowers. At the last moment of preparation s/he accidentally slips on the delicate process and messes it up, leaving the side of the sash torn and full of holes. He laughs. It's okay. The wedding will be another day.

Then I'm on a bus. It has a large floor, and young people are sprawled out on it. Phoebe is still in high school. She has short hair and is small and skinny. She has a new boyfriend. He's big (and black?). His name is Steve. They act very good-natured to me. They invite me to a party they're having. I walk down the aisle of the bus with an empty ziploc bag in hand; I want to go get some pastel-colored M&Ms I saw earlier. But the bag is empty when I get to it. I overhear Steve on the telephone. He's talking to a buddy about the party. I know he sees me because he uses a code phrase to tell his friend that he can't answer a particular question. His code phrase is, "There's a shadow in the room right now." I realize the party is going to be a real boom, and because I'm the older sister, he doesn't want me to know -- like I'm a parent figure or something. I pretend like I don't notice.

Some kids have small foil-wrapped chocolates scattered around them on the floor. They say I can have some. I'm excited because they look good. There are different flavors. I pick them up and put them in my plastic bag.

Then I'm in a friend's apartment. She is an adult woman. She says I'm welcome to stay upstairs since it's free.

the social misfits against the "normal" men

I'm moving my stuffed animals into a closet. My ratty rag doll with brown hair and no clothes is here. There is also a doll that has a face, yet when I turn it around I see that it is only a shell, with no head filling.

I'm at an older woman's house. We're talking about rhinestones, which she says she'd never put on her clothes because it would make her look too unstylish. She's talking to me from another room. She walks in. (I'm surprised at her statement since she's wearing stonewashed jeans.) She has short blonde hair. We know each other well. I'm in her living room, and we hear a scream from outside. It was a distinct phrase [I can't remember] -- something with "fat" and "man." I ask her what it is.

Time goes by. We hear the yell again. I ask her what it is. She laughs, putting her arm around my shoulder and saying, "Gee, you sure forget fast, don't you?!" I remember that she had already answered my question just a minute ago. I look out the large panes of glass on the wall, down across the yard. There is a porch area out there where a VERY fat man is sitting at a table. A group of other men are taunting him, viciously harassing him, calling him a "fat man." They're singing a mean song about im. One man looks familiar, with dark hair and a beard; he's playing a guitar. I am put off, hurt to see the men being so mean to the poor guy. They're ordering him to leave. Apparently they live next door to the fat man. They don't want him near their territory anymore. Now there are two groups of men battling each other. The fat man has friends to protect him, but I now can't tell who is defending and who is attacking. One group is an extremely weird bunch (friends of the fat man, I think). They seem to all live in the same house together. One has no arms. Another is a dwarf. They're the social misfits, duking it out with "normal" looking men. I see a thin man who looks like he's made of broomsticks. His head is in the shape of a sun, with many sticks coming out of it. He's attacking a normal man, but because he's so weak the other guy isn't fighting back, just taking the inconsequential blows. I see the same sort of brawl with a little weird midget guy who's wearing a big hat/mask and who has a fat little tummy hanging out; he's beating up another much taller man (trying to, at least). But he's making absolutely no impression on him. I don't know who to root for.

[I had these dreams on the bus ride up to the Peten in Guatemala after spending hours in the little bathroom because of a stomach bug. It was Friday the 13th.]

- FIN -

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