dreams: August 12, 1999

Troy and I don't click

Troy comes to visit me. We aren't clicking very well with each other, on different energy levels. We're in my dorm room. He wants to listen to music. I realize I rarely actually listen to music because I work so much. My stereo is dusty, and I can't remember what CDs I own. I flip through my CDs, trying to decide what would best fit this mood. I feel like Troy doesn't like it here at all.

working a new job

I drive up to a particular building in the woods. It is one-story, rather rustic, big and long, and a public place. Our friend Tim lives here. He comes out the door. He looks very familiar. He just got married. Then I'm inside, trying to schedule my plane ticket to go to Mapia. I am stressed because it costs so much money. But I know I don't have to go. I schedule it for the end of February; now I have to get the money together to pay for it.

Mom is here. She says that this building could really be used for something (regarding business). She and I are making a deal about reselling a line of products from Harry & David. I'm in a retail store (part of the building). I'm behind the counter. I have two big quartz crystals that Mom is lending me from Harry & David to see if I can sell them here. They're very dark, a smokey opaque grey. She takes one and throws it across the room. I go pick it up. It is now cracked down the middle. I split it into two crystals. I put them all on the counter, hoping someone will be interested. There's lots of stuff here: a vase of roses, pictures of yarn/knitting, pictures and other things. Veronica comes up and says she just needs one thing: she shows me a ____(?). It's only 85 cents. She gives me a dollar and change. I take the dollar, open up the cash register and give her 15 cents back, as well as her own change. Then I realize I didn't really ring it up; maybe there was a tax? Jessica Lane (Swattie) has worked here a long time. I ask her how to do the cash register. She pushes a button on top to open it up. A couple old women come up to buy things.

- FIN -

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