dreams: August 11, 1999

do I know my soulmate yet?

A television show or computer game really turns me on. John is here too.

Then I'm in a restaurant. I'm helping to bus tables and do the waitressing. It's a fast turnover right now. We have to butter each piece of bread, which is taking a long time. I collect placemats and cutting boards.

Then I'm talking to my aunts, Lisa, Lana and Lori.

Then I'm in a big house. It is Stuart Davies', across the street. He's hanging out there with some people I know. They're sitting at a computer. They have some cool program in which you type in a question -- any question -- and it will give you the answer. It's an all-knowing computer. Someone types in some question about a food recipe, and they immediately get the answer. Stuart is sitting at the computer without a shirt, and I'm touching his chest, back and shoulders with my hands, almost without even thinking.

I type in a question: Do I currently know my soulmate for this lifetime? I hit enter, and a guy there says, "Uh-oh, you're only supposed to type in simple questions." We wait a long moment. It looks like I might have broken the computer. Some patterns move across the screen; it looks like a glitch. Finally an answer comes up. It gives me four male names I know. I quickly write them down [yet I don't remember now!]. I'm not thrilled with these answers. The computer emphasizes that all four men have the same height: 77" (or is it 5'7"?). It also gives me a list of four women. The only one I catch is Marie Bouman, up on the top. I'm writing it down when she walks up to the table, asking what women came up for me. I tell her she was one of them, and she doesn't seem surprised -- like "oh yeah, of course." Then I think maybe the four women are matches for the four men, not necessarily my soulmates. Rochelle Desnick is on the list too.

There are lots of D. folks here in the room now. We are doing a work. I just missed a big part of it. I'm in the kitchen. It's a big, open house. Food is being prepared for a meal. I ask how the work was. Someone says it was the BEST ever. I feel sorry I missed it, frustrated that I wasn't there. Then I'm worried that they used Jurua D. without me. I want some! Jonathan says that he personally learned not to be so "rigid" (although it almost seems like my own thought, not his words). Mom and John are here. We're all hanging out together.

shadowy pubic hair

I'm sketching with charcoal. I am drawing a woman's sinewy body. It is upside-down to my perspective. I "accidentally" make a dark mark on her crotch, which looks like pubic hair. Suddenly I feel embarrassed, so I darken her body to cover it up. The drawing is now full of dark shadows and light highlights. Megan Friedman is here.

Sue is a mom

I'm up at Sue Bouman and George's property. It's a large, well-manicured estate. They are walking towards me from far away. There is a fountain inbetween us. Sue has a baby. She is its mother.

- FIN -

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