dreams: August 15, 1999

sweet comfort in Mimi's home

I'm with Mom in Mimi's house. Mimi doesn't live here anymore but still owns it and leaves it open for friends. A sort of party is happening now. It feels very comfortable, nurturing and luxurious here. There are lots of sweet, yummy snacks. Mom and I are sitting on the couch together.

my tight uniform and an old friend

I am outside when I see a big bubble tent thing. Inside are tons of sweets, but they look a little old, like they've been sitting around for awhile. I take a sandwich that looks like it has chocolate sauce on it. In actuality, it's simply Momier's applebutter.

Then I'm at 808 Beach Street. Mark and Ginger drive by in a HUGE bus (like a Greyhound) that is full of people. They all pour out, all wearing identical suit uniforms, black, white and red, with tails and bowties. They look like a band. I say I'm going to go change into mine. John says something like "Yeah, make it tight." It offends me and makes me feel uncomfortable.

Then I'm in a restaurant with Noli. We need to exchange addresses.

Then I'm in a laundromat. I run into a plump older woman with white greying hair. She asks me what currency I last used. "Pounds," I say, although I know it's actually the Cuban currency, yet I can't remember its name. I'm bartaring for Cuban cigars, picking out which ones I want. The woman looks sad and very familiar. I realize I know her. We re-greet each other and hug. I feel so much love for her. I feel sorry for her and want to assure her that Phoebe and I still love her. We used to know her, and she used to be important in our lives (like a co-mom), but somehow she got pushed out. Her name is Edie (?). I tell her we love her and miss her. I say that Phoebe does too; I point her out sitting across the room.

- FIN -

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