dreams: February 25, 1999

the Freudian S.

Troy is describing to me a "Freudian Slide," motioning to his thighs. He says it's a way to connect with the second chakra by sustaining its motion on this horizontal plane. (Then there is something about a bathtub...?)

Then I'm driving around the block in Ashland's railroad district, down Third Street. A boat is attached. I'm trying to park. I hit a big truck and leave a small dent. The owner, a young man, demands that I give him my phone number. I'm worried and stressed out.

We're at school. Lots of kids are running around. I'm talking to the teacher. They start doing the "Freudian S." They get in a big circle and crawl over each others' backs.

I'm then in a huge dining room. Swatties are here. We're sitting at a table. Will Nessly and others are describing a big fight that happened last night at the party; everyone was involved in the brawl. "What is a fight?" I ask. Everyone is wearing light colors (cream, white, beige, tan, etc.). Is it a coincidence? I look down and see that I'm wearing stone-colored beige colors myself.

Arti offers me a piece of cake. There is a deli case full of exquisite desserts. I am resistant to eating sugar, but I can't resist this offer. It tastes very rich and yummy.

- FIN -

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