dreams: February 24, 1999

shopping for dinner

I'm in a supermarket with Phoebe, Gabe Hetland and another friend. We're shopping for dinner. We are going to make spaghetti.

seeking intellectual approval

I get a paper back in one of my classes. An "A" is the designated grade, but the content is said to be a "C" and another low grade. I go up to the desk to ask the teacher about it. He is a young blonde with blue eyes. I keep strong eye contact with him. He's a brilliant man. He says that some parts were so good that he them out loud but that I had lots of confusing nonsense too.

anger that I can't be in the ceremony

I want to do the ceremony to get my ___ (Star? diploma?). But the woman didn't give me enough warning. Everyone else is wearing pink ballerina outfits. I need to go change. I'm very angry that the woman didn't give us enough warning. I give her the finger as I walk away from her. I run back to try to find the right clothes. Round or square bun? Round. I change into silver tights and a pink dress. I look in a mirror and see that I'm wearing a black leather skirt that is way too tight. Now I'm running back, told I have three minutes to make it. I'm going through room after room. I can't find it.

Silas' hiking trip

Silas is telling me about a hiking trip he took with Alex, Geoff and others. We're standing in the living room of John's house. He's describing the beauty of the mountains.

- FIN -

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