dreams: February 18, 1999

disharmony in the bingo game

I'm playing bingo in a big room of people spread out all over the floor. I'm excited. Four numbers are up n a big wall: 2, 3, 4, 16. The woman calls out "32." Suddenly I realize that I don't have a little bingo board to be checking off. Everyone is holding up small square boards. I get up, frustrated that I don't have one. The people around me are getting annoyed that I'm standing up and stepping on them. I'm disrupting everyone around me. They're grumbling, telling me to stop it, to be quiet, to sit down. I go to the back of the room. I see a long bin of pens against the wall. I pick one out.

Phoebe is a strong and beautiful athlete

Phoebe is running in a race. We are all cheering her on. John is here. She is almost at the finish line. She is very tall and slim with long legs.

Ha! I've never eaten seeds!?

I'm talking to a woman who tells me that another woman said I'd never eaten seeds in my life. I scoff, getting very defensive. I put her down, saying that she's so ignorant that she doesn't even know what seeds ARE. I picture a pile of sesame seeds.

- FIN -

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