dreams: February 15, 1999

the heads of our clits

We are talking about the "heads of our clits." She's lying back on the bed, wearing pumpkin-colored corduroy pants. Her legs immediately spread, her hand going to her crotch. There are others in the room. We're all talking about masturbation. Ila is here.

jello pizza in an Italian bar

I'm walking through Italy with two friends. We're looking for a restaurant because we are very hungry. It's night. There is a bright-neon-lit circus-like Americanized place in front of us (with clowns?). We go in. I'm leery, hesitant to eat here. There's a big rectangular bar in the middle. I see a pizza in a pan sitting on the bar counter. It's made of green jello. John is here. He says he loves the chicken pizza but it's not good for his tummy.

I walk over to the corner. I see Mark McInteer sitting by himself at a small square table. I'm happy to see him and want to join him.

- FIN -

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