dreams: February 6, 1999

Koeby's heartless destruction

I'm walking around with some friends. We're in an outdoor market with lots of crafts and booths. Koeby Johnson is with us. He somehow shoots/throws something that hits a large display of pottery. The shelves topple back and forth and then smash forward, everything shattering into little pieces. He laughs. I remember him doing this several times at earlier points that day.

fluid comfort with others

I'm rolling around on the floor with ___ (Yuka? a male Swattie who is Russian, with glasses, reddish hair, pale skin, a small body -- I've had dreams about him before, as if we're close friends). We are doing contact improv, intimately close, our bodies rolling over/around each other fluidly. We are having a conversation as we do it; it's some chat about a Swat political/social issue. The talk is matter of fact.

Then I'm talking to Nate Shaffran. It's a break in a "class" I'm taking (it's like a Daime work). I'm in the Swat scene. Nate asks me how it's going. I'm happy. Noli is here too. I walk across the room, blissed out. I float up above people's heads. The room is white, with white walls and ceilings and wooden beams. The ceiling is high. I float around the top.

- FIN -

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