dreams: December 18, 1999

I'm Jewish

I'm looking at fliers for the religious activist group on campus devoted to Judaism. Daveed Gartenstein-Ross is the head president, and his face is on the front of all their memorabilia. They just had their last big meeting of the semester. I just stumbled into the room by accident, right as it was breaking up. I ask someone what happened, and they tell me that Susie Bright came to speak. I'm totally bummed that I missed the chance to be here to hear her. I ask if I can be part of the group. They tell me that I have to be Jewish. I tell them that I am Jewish, but they challenge it. I insist that I'm very Jewish, explaining that my dad is totally Jewish, as is his lineage and that whole side of my family.

Then I'm sitting talking to Daveed. He asks me some questions that refer to my current social status, as he seems curious about what other people think of me and how popular I am. I tell him that I don't really care about my "reputation" and don't use things like that to define my identity.

- FIN -

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