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"Every time you close your eyes and touch yourself, the mind pirouettes, and every sort of feeling floods your body. You bring yourself to orgasm not with a greased hand or vibrator, or because someone has applied the perfect pressure to your clit, but because your mind takes you there. It pins you to the ground of your naughtiest visions and only releases you when the tension explodes. Fantasy is the ultimate virtual experience because it feels so real and requires no accessories."
--Susie Bright, Susie Bright's Sexual Reality: A Virtual Sex World Reader

When I first discovered Susie Bright in summer of 1996, I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to handle her stuff, but her vivaciously honest writing has turned out to be very valuable. She has inspired me to think about all sorts of dynamics of sex, giving me a look at boundary-stretching perspectives. No matter what your orientation, I encourage you to get your hands on Susie's books, for she can be empowering, causing deserved celebration of your sexuality! susie and me

In April 1998, Susie came to speak at Haverford College. I went and took detailed notes of her talk, now available for you to read. I've also compiled a summary of the questions the students wrote for Susie, along with the results from her issued poll. It was a pleasure to meet Susie, who is a very grounded, authentic, humorous woman.

After reading Susie's published works, I wondered if she had published any of her works on-line. I checked, and she unfortunately didn't have her own page. In spring '98, I rechecked to update this page, and I found! Yay, a page devoted to her. My earlier searches uncovered some sites relating to her (book reviews, essays, interviews, etc.) that are listed below. Here's a list of some eye-opening books by Susie:

I recommend her books and encourage you to check out the following links if you're curious to learn more about this thought-provoking activist...

Susie Sites:

Susie in Cinema

Susie Bright has a cameo appearance in the great film, Bound, which was released in theaters in October 1996. She was also the "technical consultant" for the movie, choreographing the lesbian sex scene between the two main characters. You can get a look behind the scenes of this movie, or read's review.

susie in person

Susie's words on another project (late 1997):

"I'm celebrating the release of a new book I co-authored with Jill Posener, called Nothing But the Girl. It's my first picture book, a portfolio and history of lesbian erotic photography, featuring our favorite photographers, their pictures, interviews, and the unbelieveable drama about how this work almost never made it to the public eye. The book is the first of its kind, I'm still a little in awe of it."

words of the critics:

"Susie Bright approaches sexuality with an openness and sense of humor that are as disarming as they are radical."
--David Ulin, L.A. Reader

"Ms. Bright is the voice of sweet reason and literacy."

--The New York Times Book Review

"If Bright's agenda works out, we might all be so busy sighing with satisfaction that we'll forget about capitalism's consumption treadmill. It's time we stop underestimating the power of fun."

--San Francisco Weekly

"Susie Bright is an American treasure. Once again, her sharp wit and erotic imagination put a spin on modern culture unlike any other... In these dire times, a book like SEXWISE is both tonic and conspiracy."

--Sallie Tisdale

"...[Bright] celebrates lust with wholesome fervor."

--New York Times

"Susie Bright is a national treasure right up there with the Grand Canyon, the battlefield of Gettysburg, the Okeefeenokee Swamp and the Smithsonian's Nancy Reagan Memorial Dress Collection."

--Whole Earth Review

Susie's e-mail address is
If you write to her, be sure to mention this page.

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