dreams: December 27, 1999

at Swat with Mariana

I'm at Swarthmore, where a building on campus is being remodeled. One small square section has been ripped out of the building on all floors, all vertically aligned. I go and look up at the open space from the ground level; I'm careful because I don't want any cement or bricks falling on my head. I see that it's a big empty space all the way up. Many construction workers are here.

Then I'm in my dorm room, standing in the doorway talking to Mariana Pardes. I see a red and green stocking on my door and realize that it's now Christmas. I feel a little stressed out as I wonder what I'm going to make for my friends for presents. Mariana and I say goodbye and she walks off. But I want to eat dinner with her tonight. I step back into the hall and call her name, wondering which direction she went. She has just exited the door on the far left. She hears me calling her name and steps back into the hallway. She walks back to my door. Dinner tonight? Yeah, she might, but her sister is coming to visit, and they might be going out for a drink.


I'm cozy in bed at home. I hear a man's voice downstairs in the living room. It sounds like Mark D'Olivo. Then Phoebe says, "Troy!" I want to go down and see him, so I get out of bed and stumble around, trying to find my PJs. I'm in my old bedroom, now Phoebe's. [Then I wake up and sit up, wondering if Troy Henri is really here. I'm back in my real bedroom. I look out the window and see that the sun is just coming up. It's too late for him to be here. I go back to sleep.]

I'm at Swat, going to Tarble to get something to eat since I missed dinner at Sharples. Now it's a great-quality cafe. The menu makes it look like they actually have good food. Troy is with me. I'm trying to decide what to order. I see an interesting dish: zucchini with chocolate chips. It sounds weird and good to me, so I order it. I see that it costs $6.00, which sounds expensive. The student behind the counter (a young woman I know) says, "It's no more than you'd pay in Sharples for your real dinner." I explain that my meal in Sharples is already paid for, whereas here I have to pay cash out of my own pocket. Then I'm over looking at a study area that has lots of cushions and cozy couches; it's on the second floor, overlooking another area.

mistaking Java for Lava

I'm staying at Jane and Jonathan's house. I have my own guest bedroom. I have just gotten ready for bed. Right now I feel really horny. I have my white dildo/vibrator, which I set on the queen-sized bed for later when I go to bed. Sarah Kowalski is here with me. She's wearing a wig of straight black hair that goes down to her ears. We start rolling around on the floor together. The sexual energy is high. She turns me on. I feel like a cat; my primal instincts make me roll and rub my body all over.

Now Sarah's not here anymore. I want to go to bed. There is a light on overhead. I flip a light switch, hoping to turn it off, but it doesn't do anything. I try another switch on the wall, yet it simply turns on and off a light outside the room. There are many switches on the burgandy-maroon-colored walls, some that are thick slider-types, made to be able to adjust the dimness of the light. But none of them affect the main overhead light in the room. I'm tired and want to go to bed.

I go out into the living room and ask one of Jane and Jonathan's kids -- a young girl. A bunch of the kids are here (brothers and sisters), sitting around talking. They are all attractive and self-assured. One young woman just graduated college with an English degree. She's sitting on the couch talking about how much she loves literature. I'm struck by how honest she is, talking from her heart.

Then their older brother comes into the room. He seems almost latino. He's tall and has dark, curly, short hair. He sits down next to me and offers to clip my toenails for me. He goes ahead, starting with the big toe on my right foot. It is difficult for him to actually cut that one because of my fungus, which he doesn't seem to notice. I tell him to try the other toes. I watch him do all of them. He goes back to the big toe and finishes cutting the nail. It feels better to have them clipped. He stands up and explains that he read that it's a great activity for a date -- to have the intimacy of clipping each others' toenails. (But I didn't detect any sexual energy between us; it was more like he was just doing me a favor.) He's wearing a long-sleeved, white shirt that glitters with gold and silver sparkles.

The girl goes to ask her parents how to turn off the light in my room. I follow her upstairs, reflecting on how everyone in this family seems so comfortable with their feet (they were all barefoot, I had noticed). It is because they have nice feet (tan, smooth skin, nice nails).

The girl is ahead of me, and I missed seeing which direction she went. There are two doors at the top -- one on the left and one on the right, both with a single letter on the front. Jane's office is on my right, and Jon's is on my left. The left door is a little open, so I poke my head in and say, "Jonathan, is Lava here?" He looks up and replies, "Her name is Java, not Lava." And sure enough, she is in here. Jonathan is sitting at a big desk in a very large room. The whole house seems huge.

Java comes out. She's wearing shorts and a t-shirt, both of which have the word "Lava" subtly printed all over them. I feel embarrassed for getting her name wrong. She leads me back to the group downstairs, now with even more people. We are all going to go somewhere important. We're walking together down a sidewalk. Marie Bouman tells me that Jon told her that we have the power to affect the stars that are between Earth and the sun (or that they have the power to affect us?). There's something else about grains of black sand. Then something about drinking alcohol.

- FIN -

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