dreams: December 26, 1999

a kiss

I'm in a gymnasium with a bunch of other people my age. We are playing a tag-like game, running around trying not to get caught. I realize that the more times someone has kissed other players, the more protection s/he has in the game. I see my friend Nooshi. We look at each other and have an unspoken decision to kiss so that each of us will have more protection. We approach each other and are standing face to face. I assume it's going to be a quick peck on the lips. But it lasts longer than I thought it would, and our lips open, creating a suction that makes a loud slurpy pop sound when I finally pull my head away. I'm surprised at Nooshi's open willingness in this kiss. I look around and see that there are now only a few players left in the game; they're still running around the gym.

- FIN -

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