dreams: December 28, 1999

downtown Ashland with Noli and Ben W.

I'm at a meeting for a spiritual group at someone's house. A Swattie is here -- the skinny, humorous, middle-eastern boy who is younger than me, with dark hair. Noli is here too. It ends and we are leaving. I get my grey jacket. Ben Waterman is with us. We're walking in downtown Ashland. I think about how much happened two semesters ago. Maybe it was because I exercised so regularly. I'm chewing brown gum. I go into a store looking for Christmas presents. Then I head home.

whispering obscenities

I'm with Greg B.. The energy is heavy. I don't want to do it with him, but I'm getting sucked back into it. We in his dorm room, which is in the same place as the studio apartment about the woodshop here at home. It's night, dark outside, and I can see the alley below us. Greg tells me about a girl he's interested in. We call her to leave a message on her voice mail. I secretly finish off the message after Greg walks away (thinking we'd hung up already); I say, "I want to stick my hard cock in your juicy pussy..." After adding a few more lewd comments, I hang up, wondering if what I just did was okay ethically.

the final flood

A giant flood is unexpectedly happening. We have been told that we need to quickly grab our essentials and then leave the house. I see that all the wealthy people have loaded up boats. Others have cars. Helicopters are bringing people to get their stuff out. I'm in my room, quickly grabbing what I think I'll need. I'm loading up my black backpack. I have my toiletries (face wash, toothbrush, etc.), my Tegretol, my white scarf and some other things. Phoebe is here with me. I'm now pulling my old journals off my bookshelves, as well as important photos.

- FIN -

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