dreams: July 28, 1999

I forgive Jenna

I really want to get home. I'm in an airport in a foreign country. John is with me, and we're carrying our baggage over to the check-on area: a long conveyor belt where an airline stewardess is directing the bags. John puts his on with no hassle. Then I drop my two big pieces of luggage on the moving belt, watching them get sucked off into the distance. Then I ask the woman for my baggage claim ticket. She says I can't have it. I suddenly get stressed and anxious, realizing my bags didn't have any tags on them designating them as mine. I'm also angry at the woman for being so stubborn and bureaucratic.

Now I have to wait awhile before our plane leaves. It's early morning, still dark outside. I'm in a little room with huge open windows. (It almost feels like it's a gazebo outside.) Out across the airplane runways I can see the sun coming up on the horizon. A beautiful pink and orange sunrise is sweeping the sky. Jenna T. is in the room with me. I feel old powerful emotions coming up: anger, hurt, resentment. I feel comfortable really telling her how I feel since we're the only ones in this small room. I express my feelings, which is a relief. I also recognize that she is simply out of touch with her true self and hasn't yet made contact with her own spirituality. Thus my anger dissolves, leaving me with compassion and forgiveness. She seems like a young girl, quiet and small. It seems like I've lost my charge of emotions. It is now calm here.

- FIN -

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