dreams: July 30, 1999

cooking with old friends

I'm cooking in a small camping kitchen with Noli and other high school friends. Holly Berman is here, and so is Phoebe.

financial insecurities

I don't trust my bank. I don't know if they've been giving me the right amount of money in my account. The tellers are all young and untrustworthy. I have to cash in my moneybelt. I have to go through a bathroom area, but it's very dangerous, known as a place where muggers can get all your money. I feel like I can do it, but I'm still scared.

a hard journey causes hunger

Then I'm swimming through a tumultuous body of water that is inside a building. It has something to do with Mapiá. Keith is with me. We're trying to get through. I'm not sure whether to laugh a lot or to take it very seriously.

Then I'm in a supermarket, walking around with an older man. We are both hungry. We've been through a long journey and need food. We go pick out cookies; we each get our own package. (Mine are all chocolate with chocolate frosting, whereas his have chocolate frosting between shortbread cookies.) We're trying to find more food. I'm very hungry.

Chris tells me about "Christ Ianity"

I'm looking over the side of a balcony. A big crowd is down below. This is the time of Christ. There's a significant story happening before my very eyes. Someone's name is "Christ Ianity." There is an unknown twin brother. The crowd is chasing someone.

Then I wake up (in my dream) and realize it was an important dream. So I get out my dream journal and start writing it down. It was about Christ.

But suddenly I'm interrupted by Chris Scheller who sticks his head in the door. He's now staying with us in the house. He says he's dealing with some difficult issues concerning Phoebe and I. I motion for him to come lie down next to me in my huge bed. He says no, which I immediately agree to, since I don't want to confuse the issues any more for him.

He says he needs to tell me about an important dream he just had. I see that he's wearing a pair of my socks that I haven't seen in years; they are dark blue, made of a unique mesh knit, and they match his sweater. He's pacing back and forth along my bedside. His shirt is pulled up, and his pants are riding low, so his lower back and abdomen are exposed to me. His skin is red, covered with blisters and burns. He says that in the dream he was with someone named "Christ Ianity" -- or "Chris Tianity"? -- (which makes me wonder if it was in his dream or my dream in my dream). He proceeds to tell me a story that deals directly with Christ and the religion. Chris is expressing conflict about it that seems to reflect his own conflict with the religion.

My room is relatively dark and cozy. Clothes are all over the floor. Mural paintings are on the walls. There is a staircase in the corner of the room that goes downstairs, on my left in front of me. I can hear Boris playing his guitar, which sounds mellow, respectful of others and very beautiful. I realize by listening to Chris talk that I totally forgot my dream that I was going to write down.

- FIN -

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