dreams: August 1, 1999

a family reunion with Noli

I'm at a long dinner table with my family: Mom, John, Phoebe and relatives. We're playing musical chairs (though not literally), getting shuffled around as we try out different seats. Some chairs are much higher than others. I'm hungry.

Then I'm visiting a friend from Swat. Samantha Gottlieb is here.

Then I'm at Noli's house. I'm finally getting a chance to see everyone again. I feel like it's been a long time since we've seen each other. I'm in the kitchen talking to Noli. She has very long straight hair that looks beautiful. She's telling me about her last semester at her school. She tells me that sometimes she would do well on the papers in her classes, but then she wouldn't do so well on the finals, which would result in her getting a "C" on her report card. We laugh about it.

Other people are now in the room. Kathie is holding a big round tray of enormous, high-quality, chocolate truffles. She hands it to Noli and then to Phoebe on my left but walks away before I can take one. Noli chose a large mound of dark chocolate covering almonds. It looks delicious. Noli tells me that her thesis went well. I see a tall stack of papers on the counter; that must be a copy of it. She says that some artists illustrated her thesis by having corresponding art pieces on display in the school's museum. I have a mental flash of what it must have looked like. Sounds cool. I ask her about the professor who guided through the process. Noli makes a hilarious impersonation, talking like a middle-aged New Yorker woman. She tells me that the prof is really liberal. We are both laughing very hard.

I look over and see Granny sitting on a couch on my left. She's wearing a black dress. Mom and John are also here. It seems unusual to see Granny here. I turn to Noli, whispering to her, "Is she [Granny] in a different reality realm?" (I get a flickering of an idea that this may be a dream.) Then Granny stands up and says goodbye, explaining that she has to leave. She's now wearing all white: a Victorian lace dress. Her hair is long, pulled back in a bun. I can really see her resemblance to Mom right now.

my mental circus show

I'm in a huge room, like a gym. I'm with 3 or 4 friends (2 men, 1 or 2 women). There's a long rope swing hanging from the ceiling. We're taking turns on it, each getting a chance to swing back and forth on it. I swing and jump/run up the wall when I get to it. It's fun. One woman goes, and she's not wearing any underwear. I see a little comic strip of my mental process -- pictures representing my thoughts, one leading to another. One square shows nipples. Another one has the bright lights of a strip joint. The end one shows a stripper.

The whole room is bright white. I'm standing at a sink on the wall, washing out my boxer shorts/skirt and underwear. They need to be cleaned before my next turn. My menstrual discharge left a stain on them (and I lent them to one of my friends on his/her last turn on the rope swing). Each of us gets one more turn. Then we're all done, so we're leaving.

I'm in the alley between 3rd St. and 4th St. in Ashland. Aldo is here, along with his wife.

- FIN -

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