dreams: September 30, 1999

establishing my place

I am in downtown Ashland, Oregon. Then I am at the post office. Then I am going into a room to go to a class. A familiar middle-aged woman with light reddish-blonde hair is the teacher; she's wearing soft flowing clothing. It's some body-movement class. Mats are spread out on the floor like beds, with a pillow and blanket on each one. It looks like they're all taken. I see an empty mat, so I go lie down on it. Then someone tells me that I can't have it because it's already taken. I get up feeling displaced and ungrounded.

Then I'm talking to the teacher. I realize it's the end of the semester. This is the first time I've come to class, however, so I don't know if I'm going to be able to get any credit for it.

[In the middle of the night I wake up. Fresh wind is blowing in through my open window. It's raining outside, which I can hear and smell. I feel content and aligned. My body is electrified. Kundalini? My hands are hot with energy, and they move to my right hip for healing. My breath is deep and fluid; I directly learn the importance of circular breathing, as the energy flow from my hands feels more intense when I let my lungs exhale and inhale continuously. I am told that I will "lead a point." Empowerment and faith flood my being.]

- FIN -

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