dreams: October 5, 1999

Smitha has changed

A young woman walks by me, and I do a double-take. She looks familiar. We stop, and I realize it's Smitha. She's gone through a lot of changes. She is blonde and very slim. We greet each other. She's back at Swarthmore making a brief visit. I ask her how things are going. She tells me that things are going well; she's married. I ask her where she lives, and she tells me they have three homes. She sounds very rich. I realize that Swatties from the class of '99 must be around the world doing all sorts of things already.

Then she seems upset, but she's suppressing the feelings, acting like everything is okay. I ask her what's wrong. She says "nothing." I tell her to let it out. I say that it's absolutely okay to express her pain; I know she feels pain from Swarthmore, and I feel partly responsible.

flirting with a Man

I'm outside in the wilderness (relatively, since it doesn't feel too far from civilization), walking down a path with a young man. He's big, athletic, and African-American. We're talking. Our exchange feels very flirtateous. I like his masculinity. We see a group of his friends down below in a nearby field. They wave and yell up to us. We see them again later, and one teases us, asking if we're following them or something.

- FIN -

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