dreams: November 12, 1999

giving away candy, rafting, smoking a "cigar"

An old man is up onstage, and he's blabbering about lots of things I don't understand. He reminds me of Timothy Leary. I tell someone I don't get what he's saying, and the woman agrees that no one really does.

Then I'm opening up a small icebox-freezer full of popsicles. I grab a big handful of candy (some in the form of stamp-like images on flat pieces of paper, like fake tattoos or drugs); with another girl I'm in an open vehicle, and we're getting driven down a street full of children. We are throwing the candy out to the kids. I keep yelling something over and over again about how each kid should only take one candy. We go up and down the street. Then we're walking away afterwards, looking at our expense records. The candy giveaway cost more than 5000 dollars, which seems like a lot to me. (Someone else is paying for it though.)

Then I'm in a raft that's going really quickly down a river that's in a forest. Mark D'O. and I are the only ones in this boat, though there are a number of other boats around. (Rochelle Desnick flashes through my mind.) At one point, our raft builds up momentum and we seem to be going too fast, like we're almost out of control. We just barely miss hitting a boat that is half-submerged in the water; it must've had some accident.

Then I'm in a little convenience store with Mark. He's smoking something that I know is a "cigar," but it is in the shape of a flat triangular piece of paper (and it has the black lines on it that are like the check-in tag on the packaging of products -- to get run under the laser part of cash registers.) He hands it to me, and I take a few puffs. When we turn around to leave, a striking young woman with short black hair is right in front of us. Mark looks at her (and says something to her?) in a lewd sort of way that I don't like.

- FIN -

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