dreams: November 14, 1999

cancelled flight

I'm seated in a configuration of chairs that are in rows of semicircles in a room. Other people are also seated. A woman stands up in the center where we're facing; she is tall, broad-shouldered and masculine with a very animated cartoon-like face. She is the stewardess for this airplane [which seems totally logical at the time], and she announces that our flight has been cancelled. It's not taking off, and there's nothing we can do about it. I'm frustrated. No refunds are given, nor compensation/coupons for another flight.

John is here with me. He bought the plane ticket for me. We are standing on the side of the room. I'm apologizing that he spent so much money on the ticket, since it was wasted money. I see the receipt, and it was 2000-something dollars. He had bought be another ticket too, for a flight to another destination that followed my other now-cancelled one. It was also a couple thousand dollars. I'm sorry that he spent so much money. He's totally fine about it, saying it was no problem.

I see a vending machine thing against the wall that looks like a pinball machine. It has a scrolling number display that is apparently showing how many people got cheated out a ticket. It's quickly moving into the hundreds.

- FIN -

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