dreams: November 11, 1999

John is full of light in a special room

I just woke up. I'm in a cozy, comforting room. Noli and John are here with me. The energy in here is very clean and pure, with a high vibration of love. John is straightening up, putting everything in order, walking around a table that's in the middle of the room. He's talking to us, and I'm struck by how real he is, like he's finally found himself; he seems secure, gentle, and radiant. He is happy in himself and a pleasure to be around. His energy level is very light and full of love.

There are a number of potted plants and vases of flowers all over the room. John is rearranging them. Some flowers are pink. Then he and Noli leave to go somewhere. (The room is now partially the front living room of our house on Third St.) A few young black kids are playing on the porch. One boy climbs up and is standing on the bannister, reaching his arms up to hold the roof; he's crying, tears running down his face.

I move a few of the plants, not liking where they are placed. I also see that the bed isn't made, so I straighten out the burgandy sheets and covers. There is a small, plastic, light-blue, electrical fan sitting on the top shelf next to the bed. I sit down on the bed and pick up the fan, turning it on; I put it between my legs, pressing it up against my clit. The vibration feels good, sending sensual pleasure through my body.

Then I'm doing computer programming, setting up a list of music choices that can be played by using the mouse cursor. In one of the lines I type "Ry Cooder and Chakakan" [I think because my radio alarm clock went off, and the DJ at WXPN said their names].

- FIN -

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