dreams: Thursday, January 18, 2001

the red car gets stopped by snow

I'm in a red convertible car, with another woman in the driver's seat (while I'm in the front passenger seat). We are driving somewhere when we hit bad weather. It gets so rough that the car can't go forward. Snow and water pile into the car, since it has no roof. We're buried. A big vehicle rescues us. We grab our stuff and get in. I'm in the middle of the seat, with someone on either side of me. I put on a seatbelt. The female driver tells us about a bar at the top of the mountain, which sounds scary to me if they're all drinking.

my spiritual path makes me feel fragmented

I'm in the Cantwell's supermarket when I see Mimi and Scott. I want to tell them that I'm on my way to a Work, but I can't. I have to keep it a secret. Then I'm with John, and we're going to a property with many homes. They belong to Daimistas. It is fragmented. We feel left out. Jane and Marie (of CHLQ) are singing somewhere, but we don't get to be part of it.

wet pig petting

I'm with Kath (from VA). She's petting a pig. I'm watching her hand. It is moving really quickly, creating a vibration. The pig's flesh is pink and moist, with layered flaps of skin. It looks like masturbation to me. Her fingers are hot and energized. I'm trying to feed some animals. I'm holding containers of food.

eye contact with a golf pro

I'm walking through a city (looks like Portland, Oregon) with Mom. We walk by a golf course in the middle of an urban block. I see a very good-looking man. We make eye contact. I see him later walking down the street, and we look at each other again. Mom tells me he's a famous golfer. I comment to her that Portland is bigger than Eugene.

backstage an an Oprah show

Phoebe and I are together at an Oprah show. We're on the sidelines, looking onto the audience from a sidedoor almost backstage (yet on the side). The theme is old sitcom stars. I see a little midget black boy/man. Phoebe and I remember watching him on TV. We see other familiar faces from shows from our childhood. They aren't famous anymore. They're on the sides of the audience (in a big room with a curved, slanted setup of seat rows). I see Amy Romberg as one of the featured guests. Then they all sing. There's a choral group on the side, organized by a guest -- an older black man. Phoebe and I decide to leave.

you too can have big breasts!

I see a commercial on TV for large breasts. There are lots of fat women on the screen who have huge breasts. They are singing and dancing. It shows before and after shots, from small boobs to big ones. I see that it is actually an ad for padded bras.

hopping to win

I'm in a large gym room. There are many people here. Everyone is hopping -- jumping up and down. People are slowly getting picked off the floor, narrowing it down to the best. It is led by Mark Wallace, a religion professor from Swarthmore College. Phoebe and I are together. I'm tempted to tell Mark that she's my sister, since it may give her an advantage, making her more appealing. We hop. She's picked off. There is a lot of competition. There are only four of us left. I think I can win.

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