dreams: Wednesday, January 17, 2001

a vacation with Miles' family

I'm going to go stay with Mimi, Scott and Miles. We are all taking a vacation together somewhere for some special event.

Mom's kitchen

It's New Year's Eve. I'm in a distinct house that is Mom's (although it looks way different). Noli is here with me, and we're excited to spend time together, looking forward to tonight. I'm in the kitchen. I'm making myself a sandwich; I'm hungry. I'm using a hard-boiled egg. I know it's good because Mom made it, so it's high quality and cooked just right. I'm putting the mayo and mustard out on the counter to mix with the egg when I peel it and mash it. There are also thick pieces of honey-wheat bread (just like the kind that Kathleen makes here in the Sevenoaks kitchen). I choose two good slices, and I nibble a couple bites.

Mom and Phoebe are here. They tell me something that makes me mad. Mom is on the other side of the kitchen. I am furious, so I start to yell at her, running towards her. But then we both start laughing, and my energy gets released in seeing the humor in everything.

It turns out that Mom and Phoebe have told me that Noli can't be here with us for New Year's Eve. I'm very disappointed; so is Noli when I tell her. We decide to go somewhere else so we can still be together.

a catapulted cat, weird pizza, and the beach

I'm on a train-like transportation system that has no walls or ceilings. It's a platform that moves on tracks. I end up at a place with lots of classmates who went to high school with me. Lisa ____ is here (from the class of 1995, with wavy brown hair). She has her cat with her. I'm playing with it. It has soft fur and a fiesty attitude. It's rolling around on its back, and I'm gently wrestling it with my hand. It is biting my fingers, holding my hand with its teeth and paws. I'm laughing.

Then the cat is on the other side of the room. Someone tries some experiment on the animal and accidentally ends up catapulting it way up into the air. The whole room full of people is watching. The cat shoots through one of the windows way up high on the wall (it's a tall, narrow window, and the room has a very high ceiling). The cat shatters the glass loudly as it goes through to the other side, outside. It's a shocking moment. I feel like it's all really funny, yet I also have concern for the cat.

Then I'm sitting at a table in this room with Mom, Phoebe, John, and Veronica. Phoebe is on my left, while Veronica is to her left, with John next to her, and Mom next to him (to my right). John has made a pizza for us all to eat. It is big and beautiful, full of colors and unusual ingredients. Each slice has a different topping. I see cous cous on one piece, with veggies on others, as well as lots of other interesting, weird toppings. We are all digging into it.

As we sit here, I have a moment of total appreciation to be here now. I'm happy to have this family, and this room has a great atmosphere, with cool people and activities. There is good music going on, and I look up to see that it's live, with a big band playing up on a stage area. It's a mix of "natives" playing percussion with a more electric jazz/blues band.

There is one particular piece of pizza that I want. It has fresh tomatoes and cheese on it (though the cheese kind of looks like noodles because it's not totally cooked/melted). I start to pull out the piece to eat, when Phoebe reaches over and cuts a huge bite off of it for herself. It provokes a strong reaction in me; I'm mad! I say out loud how frustrated I am because "Phoebe doesn't have any sense of boundaries and respecting other people's things." I tell this to Mom. She suggests that I tell Phoebe directly.

At one point I go up onto the stage when the band is having a break. I am laying out planks of wood for them to use as shelves and surface tops. One young dark musician boy asks me to create some seats too, since they need them.

Then I leave the place. I'm walking down a street. I see someone carrying a pink surfboard. I look down and see that the beach is right at the bottom of the street. I run down to it, sliding onto my butt when I get to the wet sand. The movement is slick and smooth. Susan Thesenga is standing nearby, and we acknowledge each other. I feel so happy to be here at the ocean.

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