dreams: Friday, January 19, 2001

the dolphins are healers

I'm in a large tropical body of water with Phoebe. It appears to be a gulf inlet of the ocean, since I see land around the water on three sides. (Maybe we're in Brazil?) We are swimming out in the middle. Dolphins surround us. We touch them. They are small (like the length of dogs) and have smooth skin. They feel like our friends. I climb onto the back of one, holding onto its fins with my feet and legs. It swims forward. I realize that they are true healers, trying to share their light with us.

Momier makes a scene

I walk into a room. I see Momier (my great grandmother -- Mom's mom's mom) from the back. She's big and very tall, with bright orange hair. She screams and falls to the floor in a faint.

Sue's wild party

I walk by a room that has glass walls. I'm looking inside. There is a party going on. Sue Bouman is the hostess. It's at her house. There is a game/performance happening that involves a group of men in the center of the room. Everyone is watching them. They are wearing very little. Then all their clothes come off, and they are nude. The rest of the guests are singing songs in relation to the performance, concentrating on one man at a time. They all sing his name while he dances. A short man is dancing, and everyone says "Eli!"

guacamole and tangerines

There is a party in the Sevenoaks kitchen. We are all eating Mexican food.

Then I'm in a bed. I'm lying on my stomach, propped up on my elbows. I look down and see many orange tangerines rolling around next to my body. My breasts look especially large and voluptuous.

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