dreams: January 3, 1999

Silas is a holy guru

I'm in a sacred backyard with Silas, Marie and others. It feels like a D. work. We are standing on green grass. Silas looks a lot different: much smaller, but with the same identity. He says he's going to levitate. For a moment we all shift our attention to him. Then he floats off the ground, at first just a foot or two -- then up up up into the air, floating way above us.

I drop to my knees. Others do too. I put my palms to the ground, my arms stretched out straight in front of me, my head dropping to the ground. Homage. Marie, on my left, is doing the same thing. Silas is now a tiny old man sitting in holy robes on the grass with us. People are asking him questions. Someone asks him to do another feat (something specific), but he is unable to do it.

dress-up, emergency treatment, Phoebe's in need

I'm inside a beautiful home. There is a full-length mirror on the wall. I look and see that I'm all dressed-up, wearing shimmery, tight, bright blue pants underneath a white opaque dress that has a distinct shape and looks embroidered. Then I'm in a room that has a very tall ceiling. Ropes and swings are hanging off the top. I climb one and hang off of it. Then I'm in a class for emergency rescue treatment. I need to rent out a room for my professor (trying to do what he wants in order to establish a good reputation).

Then Phoebe needs my help. She is really in need. But I'm touching myself and it feels too good to stop. I know I should go see Phoebe, but my hand is giving me too much pleasure for me to move. Then I lean over and whisper something in a young man's ear. We know each other very well. There is a sexual energy between us. He says that the ball is now in my court.

Then we are watching a complex video game with detailed animation on a large TV screen. One of the characters is Warren Beatty, who has an exaggerated face with huge cheeks/jawbone.

Then I'm speaking to Marie (the redhead from the D.); our faces are very close together. She is asking my opinion of her skin. I'm telling her how beautiful it is. It is pale, ivory, smooth, and luminescent, like a marble statue.

- FIN -

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