dreams: December 24, 1998

I live with happiness!

I'm walking through the sacred labyrinth at the Unitarian Church in Ashland. The charge of God is SO strong and intense that I get woken up -- woken by the raw joy. I hear music and voices really really loud. They (we) are singing: "Alegre com me vida!" Then I receive the rest of the verse:

divino pai eterno
consagrou a sacramento
espulche par eu mim

"Maya, you're crooked"

I'm in a D. work in the Siskiyou Barn. Donny is suddenly going through a passage, throwing up and/or spazzing out. Everyone draws their chairs closer to him, giving him support. We all then stand up. I grab my hymn books and blue backpack from under my chair. I feel really spaced out, like I can barely function as a human. I realize that I need to go sit down on the side of the room since everyone is now going to dance.

Jonathan approaches me. He says, "Maya, there's something I need to tell you: you are a little bit crooked." I tell him I'm really, really, really high right now; I ask him what I should do. He says to just refocus -- and I think he's going to tell me to look at the cruzeiro -- but instead he tells me to look at the people next to me to get my feet in alignment with the way they're dancing. I suddenly feel very faint and must sit down. I sit in a green plastic chair over near the side hearth/altar (but not against the wall since it's more in the middle of the room). I see my legs go up in the air in slow motion, as if I'm tipping backwards in my chair. I seem to be suspended in the air and suspended in time. Then, KABOOM, I've fallen back against the floor, my eyes closed. I have fainted. Everything is dreamy and all I see is darkness. I hear people running over to take care of me. I realize I might be having a brain seizure.

[I wake up with a jolt, completely in the Force. I hear the silence around me so loudly that it sounds like a chaotic uproar of many many voices. It feels like I'm in the Astral plane with God and/or an epileptic seizure (complex partial). My body is shaking.]

- FIN -

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