dreams: April 2, 1999

the dangers of Brazil's rainforest

I'm walking down a dirt road with John, our arms over each others' shoulders. I see a big tiger creature on the side of the road. It excites me. "Chase me, tiger! Chase me, lion!" I say. John tells me that my words are so beautiful.

I've almost arrived in Brazil, but I realize that I don't have my passport and I forgot to get my visa. John tells me that he took care of it for me, which makes me grateful.

I get there and have to put special colorful chalking markers on my body to protect myself from the calamities of Brazil's rainforest. I rub bright yellow chalk all over my body: face, legs, neck, arms, etc. It's to keep the bugs off me. Then I see a little sign that explains how it's only necessary to put the markings on certain parts of the body. Noli is standing here with me; she has put the rubbings on her face, and it looks like dramatic theater makeup, with white eyeshadow and streaks across her cheeks. The instructions say to put blue all over your throat to prevent dehydration (I see a quick little video visual of a woman rolling around in discomfort in her sleep); red is required on my ankles right above my socks in order to protect myself against "resin."

- FIN -

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