Writing in my journal has been a necessary release for me, helping sort all the issues that go through my mind.  I use my web page as a type of journal, an open space for working with words of expression.  The following pages are basically just writings that don't fit into any category besides this type of diary, which I call my "rambles."  They are not poems; I consider them to be stream-of-consciousness free-writes. While I don't write these on a daily basis, this page will be updated with new rambles periodically.

september 23, 1999: translator of realities
september 13, 1999: brain-jiggles
april 27,1999: I am a sea urchin
march 30, 1999: exploring group nudity
march 5, 1999: tuning into Ashland's work
march 2, 1999: extra senses
march 1, 1999: persimmons and pain
february 25, 1999: I am a star
february 24, 1999: oneness with a seashell
july 30, 1998: a bread womb
may 10, 1998: cyclical catharsis
april 16, 1999: glimmers of euphoria
march 26, 1998: Virgen de Guadalupe
march 25, 1998: fear of surrender
february 14, 1998: thoughts on valentine's day
february 12, 1998: aaaah

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