Tuesday, March 2, 1999


do i have an extra 6th sense? last week i could see professor peter schmidt's aura as he stood in front of the class: a thin luminescent energy field around his head, sometimes green and sometimes white.

when i wake up in the mornings i look up and see sparkling lights in the air. they also show up throughout the day, but to notice them i have to not look.

the text in books often has a subtle rainbow glow. the black letters shimmer on the pages with a tone that mixes all the colors.

the other night i heard the flutter of an angel's wings, like someone rolling their tongue with rrrrs very faintly on my pillow.

every night, by picturing dai ko myo, i call my reiki guides to come to me (thanks to Will). i surrender myself as i cross into the realm of sleep. my body melds into one force field, my hands sinking into my heart and into the third chakra over my ribs. i become aware of the tension in my jaw and the energy traffic jam in my knees. breathing opens up the flow. the top of my head tingles.

last week i had an afternoon of faint foot orgasms. sitting in class, i suddenly felt a higher vibration enter my right foot. later i again felt it in both feet. a gentle twitch of pleasure, on the soles and on the tops.

would it all be even clearer and sharper without sugar? am i imagining all of this? should i ignore my doubts?

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