Friday, March 5, 1999

At 10:07pm
my heart went
trrrrr ba-boom
in a long funny vibration
that felt noticeable, strange and pleasant.

A few minutes later
a surge of wet warm fluid
poured out into the pad on the underwear between my legs
so watery and voluminous that it felt like pee
but I knew it was menstrual blood.

(Women are very blessed
to have a monthly cycle of release,
a chance to get rid of accumulated energy
and the old patterns
that need to leave our systems.
Sweeping through the body with such cleansing strength
our periods are guided by the moon,
offering us renewal and renunciation.)

Then I realized why my body
was having distinct reactions:
my brothers and sisters
in Ashland were opening tonight's
Starhouse concentration.
The Force was registering with my higher self,
tuning my spirit's metaphysical antenna into the flow
since I wanted to be there with all of them.

That is where I am now.
I'm a Star returning homeward
floating above their heads and between their bodies
holding my place in a seat at their sides
breathing in the sacred energy
held up by the cruziero
shining in the flames of the candles
dancing to the sound of their singing
soaking up the divine waves of music
feeling the warmth of their love
riding the frequency of the gathering's collective force.

With my eyelids closed in thankful grace
my third eye is wide open in awe-struck wonder
as I continue to turn to face the Truth
and walk my path of enlightenment
holding the white light in my heart.

I can feel the force of ch'i through my body
centered at my neck and head;
my spinal fluid has extra oomph
and there is a vibration in my heart.
My whole body is shaking at the frequency,
giving my awareness a direct connection
to the Daime family.

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