Thursday, September 23, 1999

"The question of whether a work is translatable has a dual meaning. Either: Will an adequate translator ever by found among the totality of its readers? Or, more pertinently: Does its nature lend itself to translation and, therefore, in view of the significance of the mode, call for it?"
-Walter Benjamin, "The Task of the Translator"

10: 45am.
During the last week a new realm opened up to me. My sensory perception has deepened into a state of consciousness that has no explanation in our words. I don't know how to be the translator between the two realities. There was a period of a couple days when those two planes were actually in a state of oneness, existing for me simultaneously. Now I'm sliding back into my earlier perspective that functions in the realm of matter, yet I find it a challenge to only see and feel that which is defined by logical human evaluation.

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