dreams: October 17, 1999

the adverb game, a long hug, a sketchy guy and a hot fudge milkshake

I'm going to go be in an academic game/competition. It's the adverb game, simply requiring two people to go back and forth naming adverbs until one of them gets stumped and can't think of anymore. I'm going to be playing with a guy I know. When I get to his place, we talk beforehand. We're the only ones here, playing the game for fun. We sit down at a small table and lay out the rules, agreeing that each person technically gets 60 seconds, although we know we probably won't need that much time. I remind myself that an adverb is a word that describes an adjective [though I know in waking state that it describes a verb]. We start playing, both jotting down the words as they're said. "So" is one of my words (?), as is "nicely" (which makes me remember that I can just add "ly" to many adjectives). My last word is purple (?). Then we finally decide that we've had enough of the game, even though neither of us has actually won.

We stand up and hug. Suddenly there's a lot of sexual energy. (He has elements of Chris Fanjul, Troy H., and Criss from Louisiana.) Our hug lasts a long time. Without speaking, we both know that we're sexually attracted to each other in this moment. It feels really good to have our warm bodies pressed up against each other in such a loving, sensual way. We don't let go. We move our arms, holding each other in new ways. Finally we let go of the embrace. We're talking about stuff. Then he's lying on his back on the floor. Now he is older and seems different. I drop down onto the floor and stretch out with him, continuing the hug in a horizontal state by lying down on top of him, putting my head on his chest.

Now we're on opposite sides of the room. He's telling me about how he needs to clean stuff up with Phoebe. (He's certainly an older man now; he looks like the Ashland guy who works at Cantwell's and also as an actor, with white hair and a mustache, and he carries a lot of Criss' energy.) I ask him what he means. I get a negative feeling, suddenly realizing that this guy has problems. He tells me a story about how one time she was spending the night, along with her boyfriend. They were all sleeping in the same bed. In the middle of the night he felt pressure from her on his shoulder. He misunderstood, thinking she was initiating something, when really she was simply turning over in her sleep. So he started kissing her. He tells me that he justified it for the sake of Jesus, who taught to love all people. I'm rather disgusted, seeing that this guy is off-base, a little crazy to misunderstand and misuse Christ's word.

Now I'm walking past a diner. Many, many Swatties are here. There's a long line outside. I go join it. My adverb friend (the younger version) is two people in front of me. I say hello. We laugh about how we always are in the same place at the same time. We hug briefly. I want a milkshake. Now there's no line. For a moment I think I don't have any money, but then I check my pocket and find a 20-dollar bill. I go into the building. Aaron Wong walks out of the door as I walk in. There are many other Swatties here too. There's a special kitchen and counter for milkshakes. I try to decide what kind I want. I think about the "black & white," which has a 3-d checkerboard pattern of chocolate and vanilla milkshake in the cup. I actually want a hot fudge milkshake, with warm thick fudge mixed into the vanilla. I look at a menu. A young woman is working behind the counter, taking orders.

- FIN -

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