dreams: October 16, 1999

an offer to masturbate on Ouxac's bed

"Hey babe," he says as I walk by the group. Several young black men are standing around, and they give me attention when I pass. One guy especially, who's quite good-looking. Later I'm in a supermarket, in the produce section, when I see them again. The same guy approaches me, talking to me individually, away from his friends. We somehow know each other, interacting in a flirty way. He's not sleazy. He invites me to come over sometime. "You can come over and masturbate on my bed," he tells me, insinuating that he would then get to watch. But I don't want to be an easy catch. I say no and walk away, smiling over my shoulder.

I feel trapped in a certain aisle near the veggies because there is a big display of incense and candles set up in the middle of everything. I have trouble getting around all the display-holder-things. I make my way through and decide to light a stick of incense. It's near a bunch of wood (firewood for a BBQ or something). The flames quickly spread, and suddenly a little fire is developing into a hazard. I start beating the fire, trying to put it out. It goes out.

Later I'm on campus, inside a building, when I see a big bulletin board with postings about international issues. It has a poster with a picture of the young black guy who was talking to me earlier. Apparently he's an international student, acclaimed as a bike racer. It shows a picture of him on a bike. His first name is Ouxac (pronounced Oh-jhac).

[I was sleeping in Pam's bed. I think I picked up some energy that belonged to her (not negative).]

- FIN -

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