dreams: October 15, 1999

Klunder is really just a little boy

Mike Klunder is sitting outside in a courtyard on campus (which is all grey, totally cement). He's in his usual sitting pose, with one foot up on his other knee, reading the papers that rest in his lap. Then I go outside and start playing ball with a group of friends. We're outside in the cemented structured area. We're throwing and kicking around a ball. I grab Mike's stack of papers/books and hide them, sticking them under a rock in the ground. I do it as a joke, for fun. An older administrative woman comes out and gets on our case for playing ball here, since it's still in construction. She says we are totally breaking rules. She asks who is responsible. I take the blame, not really caring if I get in trouble.

Then I go to an upper floor of Kohlberg. I look out a window and see Mike looking for his papers. I see that he's really just a little boy, still not sure of himself, scrawny and unloved. I feel sorry for him. I have compassion for him, since I can see through the illusion of his huge ego.

Toni & Django read about dancing

Toni Dileo and Django are in a beautifully decorated room. They're reading a picture book about exotic traditional dancing (Middle Eastern?) and the clothing the dancers wear (colorful fabrics). There is a bathtub in the corner.

a wacky party

I'm at Elisa's summer program for girls. There are lots of kids here. There's lots of loud music, which gets on my nerves. There is a group activity/game going on that involves a big scale (looks like the tall circular spinner thing on "The Price Is Right"). The scale has various levels, and "Maya" is the best one, all yellow. Lots of people are here. John is here. A man is using a microphone to sing a song about the number 9. But then he gets interrupted by a marching band that passes by outside, stopping at the window to play for the group. Another big party is going on simultaneously at a different place; I know the people there too, so I think about going.

Then I go to Tarble to order a sandwich. A skinny girl is in line in front of me. She's flirting with the geeky boy behind the counter. It amuses me. I laugh. The woman behind me asks why I'm laughing. "Oh, you know," I say with a wink, assuming she must notice too. I'm hungry. There's a sandwich in the glass case that looks good; but then I see that the label says "chicken product," which totally weirds me out. I refuse to eat it. And then when it's finally my turn, the guy says, "No cheese or meat left." It's almost time to close, so they're putting all the stuff away. I need protein! I motion to an already-made sandwich at the front of the case. The boy says that the sandwich is important because it's reserving the space there in the case, so he doesn't want to sell it.

I go back to the party. The girl who plays the piano (a mixture of Crystal Clarity, Dawn Long, and Vanessa from Italy) asks me if I'll sub for her at the next party. But I don't know how to play the piano, I tell her. She's dressed in a white tux. Michaela DeSoucey is here too, a friend of the piano player. She's totally worried because she lost the key. They ask me if I've seen the key. No, I tell them. I'm holding a glass of natural apple cider.

- FIN -

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