dreams: October 14, 1999

flying at night

I'm floating way up in the air, in a hang-gliding-like device. It's nighttime, and the sky is dark. A young man is strapped in with me. We're talking. I'm not Maya; I'm a different young woman. We are over a huge meadow, with hills on the sides. We're swooping around in the air.

mustard spill

I'm at Tarble, ordering a sandwich. The woman behind the counter is very large. She asks me what I want. I'm trying to decide between tuna and turkey. Tuna. I see a huge mustard spill on another counter: tons of bright yellow goop is all over the place.

a dysfunctional rich family throws a party

I'm in a fancy house (almost as an omnipotent viewer). It belongs to a very rich family. They're getting ready for a party. Ford O'Connell is asking his father what he can get him. "Sherry," the man says. He's still not dressed, wearing only a robe and boxers. The man seems quite detached. I get the sense he's an alcoholic. Ford brings him a glass half-full of bright blue liquid (almost like Listerine).

The doorbell rings. It's early, before the party is supposed to start. The front door seems to be located in the back part of the house, in the bedroom area where we are. A young/middle-aged woman walks in the room. "Jamie!" the head father figure says. She's wearing a navy blue suit-dress that has a short skirt. She has striking legs and straight brown hair cut in a medium-length bob. I get the sense that she and the man once had a relationship, perhaps in the form of an affair. They talk about some upper-class issue (what people will be wearing?). The man is drinking, and he gazes at a portrait on the wall that has some quote on it.

Then more people are around. I go into a nearby bedroom. Jamie's purse is on the floor; it is a navy blue leather and doesn't seem to be very high quality. There should be a better place to put it than on the floor. A couple young kids are running around. They belong to the host family. (Now it feels like Carrie Bader's family.) One girl is dressed up in a frilly dress. She's sitting on a bed, talking to someone about how much money they have. She says that they have so much money that they can buy lots of candy, and then she pulls out a huge chocolate bar (from under the bed?).

- FIN -

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