dreams: October 13, 1999

I'm shaking

I'm overhearing a man describe a story of what happened when he went into an apartment. He's a kind black man, about in his early 30s. He says that a woman was there, in the shower. She freaked when she realized he was there, and she pulled out a gun.

Suddenly I'm in the apartment. I'm lying in bed. Everything is shaking. I feel distinct vibrations through my whole body, as if the bed is shaking. It must be an earthquake. At first I feel scared. (Is this it? Is this the end?) Then I pray to God and remember that I'm totally protected, no matter what happens. I hear a voice yelling something from the other room. It sounds like Mom. I realize I should get out of bed now, but I'm naked. What will I grab from my room to save?

[Then I half-wake up, without opening my eyes. I feel the vibration again. Oh, this was a dream. Is the earthquake real? Is it just my body? I look at the clock. 2:13am. Something was definitely physically shaking.]

2 free "lime-soaked" dumplings

I'm ordering at a Mexican restaurant with a group of people. It's a chaotic event trying to figure out what everyone wants at the same time in order to tell the waiter. We get appetizers. Some of them are dumplings that are different tones of green [like in the Chinese dinner I ate last night for dinner]. The waiter is very nice and gives me and my friend two free "lime-soaked" dumplings. There's something about marriage -- getting married (?). We are trying to decide if we're hungry enough to order the main courses.

politics at school

I'm standing in a crowded room with everyone from school. Graduation? I'm not standing over in the section with my class; I'm on the sidelines with some adults. At least it gives me closer access to the bigwigs, I realize. A famous political person is here. She is wearing a bright red dress-suit and is going around the room shaking everyone's hand. She looks like Julie Reynolds, the principal from Ashland High School. I talk to the person next to me, discussing what it was like when George Bush came to talk here last year. We remember how everyone was watching the eye-catching cameraman instead. We're waiting for the woman to come shake our hands, but it looks like she's passing us over since we're standing on the side.

- FIN -

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