dreams: October 12, 1999

the eyes have the power

I'm with Sierra & Britt (and Phoebe?). Britt is deaf. She's communicating with sign language. We're at a very special sacred old place. It seems to be in a foreign country. We're in a dark building. It's a commemorative for a divine woman who died a long time ago. It's a room of optical illusions. There's a point where incredible things happen if you line yourself up with the eye. I look through and see that everything is miraculously in alignment. The face of Jesus appears.

I missed the stable step

I'm walking at night with a group of young men through some Ashland neighborhoods. We end up in the railroad district; we go to Vivi and Megan's house. I step down into their kitchen (lower than ground-level), placing my foot on a wooden counter extension, but it is not stable and gives in to my weight. When I step down onto the floor, Vivi points out that there's a solid stable footstep that comes out underneath the little counter extension that I hadn't seen. I should have stepped there. Megan is talking to the guys.

working as a group

I'm with a Daime group. Jobs are being delegated; they are important things that have to be done. Paulo Roberto announces that ____ must be taken care of (some necessary but tedious secretarial job). He goes around the room, pointing to each person as if he's counting off or sensing our energy levels or something. He ends up on me, touching the top of my head and assigning the job to me. I say okay. Then I try to get it together.

As a group we end up getting ready to go to some festival event. We're going to do a performance for others to watch. We're all standing in concentric circles on a circular wooden platform that's outside. We dance around in our circles. It's very fast-paced. It is disorganized and informal but also with the feeling that we have a lot of power to influence people.

I paint a sign for us on the back of a wooden park bench (the part that faces outwards, very visible). It says "WE PLANT TREES."

Then I'm looking at a computer graphic of a map, the kind that shows the altitude of land based on parallel lines. I'm hearing a voice narrate the program. I see Ashland as an important point on the map. The screen focuses in on it. The view is getting closer and closer. Then it stops, and the man says the best place to look is at 75 (or 750? 730? -- the altitude). I can almost see the details of the town.

Then I'm walking back home, in charge of the supplies for the group. I get to John's house and decide I need something to eat. I am carrying leftover pita bread, so I take out a piece, cut it in half and put it in the toaster on the counter (old kitchen setup, before the remodel). I look at the flavor of cream cheese I have: sugar. I dip my finger in. It tastes good. I'll spread it on my pita.

I'm sitting in Parrish Parlours. Gabe Cumming walks in, getting ready for some active group meeting. He gives me the name, an acronym, assuming I'll know it.

- FIN -

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