dreams: May30, 1999

the techniques of smoking marijuana

I am floating outside my dorm window. I drift inside. Other people have let themselves in already. I'm a little miffed to have others in my private space without asking me. There is a young woman in the corner and a young man sitting at a round table in the center of the room. I sit down with him. He pulls out some marijuana, and we start smoking it. Yet he doesn't roll it in paper first -- he simply lights the leaves/buds and hands them over to me, telling me to suck up the smoke. I try to do it for a moment but then realize that it's useless. The method does not work. I hand it back to him, ordering him to roll it in paper or put it in a bong. He says that he doesn't have any. I see that he is very young and immature. I tell him to go get out of my room. We stand up, and he walks out.

contamination from the outside world

I'm on an airplane/train. It stops. I step out, realizing a second too late that I've contaminated myself by putting my feet on the ground, outside of the vessel. I have to now give up my sneakers, handing them over to the officials. I get back into the vehicle. Now I have to sit in a different place since I'm tainted with energy from the outside world. I change into another pair of shoes (my bright green bump-soled flip-flops) even though both are for the left foot. They are in plastic bags on my feet. I'm carrying a big armful of luggage. I'm stressed about where to sit. I've gotten relocated to a section I don't like. I'm trying to convince the conductor to let me sit in the normal front-facing seat section. "There are people here who are a LOT more contaminated than me!" I protest, pointing to a very fat man sitting ahead of us.

a work at Swat

I'm going to a work. It's in a big auditorium. It looks like LPAC at Swarthmore. I'm very far away from the altar, which is on stage in the front.

- FIN -

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